Poetry in Music, the Weeknd

Pages: 6 (2020 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Robert Lana

The Weeknd is a newer artist that has an exceptionally diverse sound. So many emotions are infused with his lyrics and portrayal of the lyrics. Many people, male or female, ejoy his laidback aproach to an emotional subject, the subject of money and fame. In his songs he may talk about morally wrong subjects liek drugs and prostitutes, but his messsage is revered by those who look past the drug infused story telling to see the true meaning of his lyrics. The song i picked for this assignment is the morning by the Weeknd. It is a song describing an average morning in Toronto, with a story that echoes a lesson, how money controls and defines your lifestyle. He also has a way with his voice to empower your soul and lift your spirits.

What I noticed about this particular artist was that his songs are the perfect blend of poetry and music. It makes you want to dance, as well as sing along. the first few lyrics of the song are "From the morning to the evening; Complaints from the tenants; Got the walls kickin' like they 6 months pregnant; Drinkin' Alizé with our cereal for breakfast; Girls calling cabs at dawn, quarter to seven. These lyrics already give us some images and lifestyle choices that portray in our heads what he portrays himself to be. the first three lines of the song are just validating how much sex he has, and how much noise those girls make. Drinking alchohol in the morning is the perfect cure for a hangover. and those girls chose to stay the night and take the walk of shame home.

The next line is "The sky's getting cold, we flyin' from the North", which is relating his travel plans are similar to a bird who migrates from Toronto, where he is from, to a place like California. "House full of pros that specialize in the hoe'ing; Make that money rain as they taking off they clothes" Pros are slang for prostitutes, and there are many in his house, a lot of times the “Pros” also strip, so this could mean what it says, or the price they have to pay to have the girls come in the first place. Again giving us a image of a morally wrong lifestyle, a lifestyle fueled by money and the morning is when you get ready for the day, and better to fly into California while it is cold in Canada. "Order plane tickets, Cali is the mission; Visit every month like I'm split-life living" He visits California many times throughout his life that he feels hes leading a double life, one in Canada, one in California. After he mentions all those things tog ive you an idea of what the morning feels like to him, and the thoughts that are in his head, he starts to show emotions about his fame and reputation. This particular song was on his free mixtape, he kept in mind that it might go global, so he kept in mind the "haters" as well. "Let the world listen, if a hater's caught slippin'; Then my niggas stay tight, got my back like Pippen. If someone tries to disrespect him then his friends have his back like Scotty pippen had Michael Jordan's back in their prime. "Fast life grippin; yeah we still tipping; Codeine cups paint a picture so vivid" Hes trying to hold on to his fast paced life of fame sex and most importantly it seems, drug use of Codeine that changes his perspective of the world. "Tipping" refers to the tipping motion you put the cup in to drink the Codeine. "Fakes try to mimic" just pointing out that poeple will try to steal and mimic him and his crew's style. "get girls timid; But behind closed doors they get poles so rigid" Girls often play shy, but then fuck like a nympho, its all about the image you want everyone to percieve you as, not what you really are. This is how many i the music industry, as well as the stripping industry, you have to put in a lot of hard unmorrally wrong work to get enough money to fuel the person's dream lifestyle. The refrain:

All that money the money is the motive
All that money the money is the motive
All that money the money she be foldin'
Girl put in work
Girl, girl put in...
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