Poem Theme: Love

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Poems Themes: Love
The poems “A Red, Red Rose,” “The Passionate Shepherd to his Love,” and “Come, My Celia” are all romance and love themes. The authors in these three poems symbolize compassion and honesty and portray powerful feelings for the reader to reading all their poems. Many people are able to relate easier with poems and ballets that relate with love and the fairytale that comes along with it. Each of these poems represent one theme but are all expressed very differently. The first one, “A Red, Red Rose”, shows strong everlasting love, the second, “The Passionate Shepherd to his Love” shows the things that love could offer to everyone, and last but not least, “Come, My Celia” which shows to live in the moment of love and cherish it no matter how long it lasts.

The first poem, "A Red, Red Rose" was composed by Robert Burns, a Scottish poet in 1794. This poem was one of the most famous love poems in the English language and it is still extremely well known today. The entire poems theme and expression is the speaker's powerful, undying love. Line after line, he explains his love to be lasting, strong, and very powerful. “A Red, Red Rose” is about a young man who is deeply in love and compares it to multiple beautiful and timeless things. In the beginning of the poem he explains his “love is like a red rose in springtime/ and like a melody/ thats sweetly play’d in tune.” This means that it is blooming, fresh and beautiful and that his love is a beautiful everlasting song. He continues by emphasizing his love by saying is love will continue till the seas go dry. Already half way through the poem you see how he uses certain situations that are nearly impossible to explain the theme of love he is trying to portray. As the poem goes on he proceeds his ballet of love by saying “And I will luve thee still, my dear,/ while the sands o' life shall run”. He describes his love for her to be undying and forever lasting. No matter where, no matter when, no matter...