Pmr Examination Tips

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PMR Examination Tips
Bahasa Melayu (Difficulty: High)

Bahasa Melayu PMR is rather difficult. Basically, Kertas 1 is more difficult than Kertas 2. Kertas 1 consists of Tatabahasa and Pemahaman Komsas. Tatabahasa is the most difficult part. You will need to do a lot of exercises. You should pay attention when your teacher discuss about these questions. Try to take note on what your teacher says, especially regarding how words are used. Do revision regularly on this kind of questions and remember them. Some of the questions are often asked, so take note on them. Pemahaman KOMSAS is not very difficult but can be tricky. Make sure you understand everything in the Antologi from Form 1 to Form 3. A KOMSAS revision book is very helpful, so you should have one. Make sure you read and understand the Tema, Persoalan, Watak & Perwatakan, Latar, Nilai and Pengajaran for all stories. When answering this kind of questions, read the passage given and all the questions carefully before answering. Kertas 2 consists of Ringkasan, Pemahaman Umum, Karanagan Bahan Rangsangan, Karangan Respons Terbuka and Novel. Ringkasan is quite simple. Make sure you have at least 5 correct isi and make sure your tatabahasa is correct. Just copy if you cannot use your own words. Don't simply change the words until it is different from the original meaning. Do not add your own ideas. You can write more than 5 isi but make sure the 80 word limit is not exceeded by 5 or more. For Pemahaman Umum, there are 3 questions. For question 1, you will be asked the meaning of a phase. To answer, just replace every words in the phase with a word with same meaning. After that, insert your answer into the passage to see if it is suitable. For question 2, read the passage to find the answer. Copy the answer from the passage. You must give at least 2 answers. For question 3, you have to give your own opinion. You can write as many answers as you can, and only the correct ones will be marked. You should give at least 3 answers. Do not look for the answer from the passage. For Karangan Bahan Rangsangan, look at the question and the material given. If the material given is relevant to the question asked, then you must use it. If it is not relevant to the question, then you need to give your own opinion. You need to write 1 Pendahuluan, 3 isi and 1 penutup. Provide elaboration for each isi. Make sure that the 120 word limit is not exceeded by 5 or more. To score, you need to read and write more. For Karangan Bahan Rangsangan, there are 5 choices. Choose the question that you are most confident to answer. Read the question carefully and answer. You can write down the important isi first but this is not necessary. You need to provide at least 1 Pendahuluan, 4 isi and 1 Penutup. Elaborate in each isi as much as you can but do pay attention to the time to ensure that you have enough time to answer. Make sure that it is at least 180 words long. To score, you need to read and write more. For novel, it can test you on any novel, either Form 1, Form 2 or Form 3 novel. Sometimes, you may be asked to compare 2 novels. Therefore, you must understand all three novels very well. A KOMSAS revision book can help you a lot. Make sure you read and understand the Tema, Persoalan, Latar, Watak & Perwatakan, Nilai and Pengajaran for all novels. Answer in paragraph form and not point form.

English (Difficulty: Moderate)

English PMR is not very difficult but not simple as well. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 have equal difficulties. For Paper 1, there are 5 parts. The first part is about Information Transfer, second part about Grammar, third part about idioms and phasal verbs, fourth part about comprehension and fifth part about literature. To score in all parts, you should read more and do more exercises. Pay attention to grammar usage. For Literature in Paper 1, you also need to understand all the poems, short stories and drama (if any) in the Collection of Poems and Short Stories. A...
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