Pleasentville, Shoe Horn Sonata and Across the Universe by the Beatles

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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The play “Shoe horn sonata” written by Misto creates and manipulates images that challenge the audience’s beliefs and attitudes. This is shown throughout the techniques. Other examples of this are also shown through the movie “Pleasantville” by Garry Ross and the song “across the universe” by the Beatles. The Beatles song “Across the universe”, chosen words and lyrics helps identify the emotion that is being portrayed and also may give a visual image from the thoughts that are felt through the song. “Words are flying out like endless rain” this at the beginning of the song instantly indicates use of metaphor (rain) of water representing cleansing. It creates the thoughts being released and emptied out of the mind and going into the world. “Pools of sorrow, waves of joy”, is a juxtaposition showing opposite emotions being mixed together and revealing the author is confused and lost. The chorus of the song changes the emotions that were at first held, giving it more a convincing and cultural atmosphere. “Jai guru deva on, nothings gonna change my world “, adding in a second language and then a repetition in first spoken language shows to the listenerhow these thoughts are being spread into the universe and trying to convince everyone. Near the end of the song the words of thoughts have moved to the next stage. They are now already released from the mind but trying to travel. “Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes” This gives a very descriptive visual image for the listener to see/feel. Although the message being sent through is that millions of people are witnessing the author’s breakdown, it gives a sense of beauty being captured in slow motion, making it clearer to imagine. The song ends with repetition, first of “nothings gonna change my world” and then finishes with the repetition of “Jai guru deva”. The use of the repetition at the end of the song helps the listener to understand and except what the author’s message is....
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