Playing Beatie Bow Summaries

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Playing Beatie Bow Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 of ‘Playing Beatie Bow’ is mainly the introducing and descriptions of the character. The chapter showed the family situation and how it is not at its best state. It shows how Abigail Kirk the protagonist of the novel hates her father, Weyland Kirk. Her resentment towards her father is due to the reason that he left his mother, when she was ten, for another woman; Jan. Abigail chooses to change her name and doesn’t like being called pet names as she hates everything and blames everything about her father. She also has a bad relationship for her grandmother, shouting and always disagreeing with each other. You can see the bitterness between them where Abigail is changing her name from Lynette, ‘Grandmother smiled. Abigail could see quite easily that Grandmother thought it was plain and knobbly and awful, too. So that settled it’. However, Abigail’s relationship between her mother, Kathy Kirk, is great and she is described as a friend in the book. Also in the chapter, other minor characters are introduced, Justine Crown, Natalie and Vincent. Justine Crown is only described as a person who did not ‘believe in housework’, but instead put the children first. Natalie, a four-year-old who gives Abigail ‘a solemnly protective feeling’, due to the reason that she was ‘prone to sudden fevers, nightmares, fears and had a kind of helpless affection for the frightful Vincent’. Vincent, the high-rise monster is described as a cheeky and cunning boy who hates Abigail more than anyone else and says she has ‘Dracula teeth’. The game, ‘Beatie Bow’ that the children play at the playground is played where Natalie sees the little furry girl which is Beatie Bow.

Justine Crown gives Abigail a crochet with the initials A.T. to use it on her green dress she is working on. Later in the book, this becomes an issue.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 is the chapter in which the plot starts to begin, where Kathy tells Abigail that she wants to get back together with Weyland again and move to Norway for three years. Abigail is very disapproving of this and as a result of this, it leads to a fight with her mother. She uses a very cold tone towards her father and eventually leaves the home to a bus where she cries. She has mixed feelings of anger towards her father for wanting to get back together, and sorrow for her mother for loving him and all the bad things she said about him. There is a bit of shame and regret when she thinks ‘It’s true, I never did think of what she must have felt. Never once did I put my arms around her and say, “Don’t mind, I’m still here.” It was always Mum who did that to me. She later meets the ‘furry little girl’ when she gets of the bus where Abigail surprises her which makes her run away. She chases her, but suddenly after holding her hand Abigail is sent back in time with her 100 years to the colony of New South Wales. She thinks she’s just ‘Dreaming! That’s all I’m dreaming’ but soon realizes that it is reality.

Chapter 3
This chapter introduces the main characters of the book, Dovey, Alice Tallisker (Granny), Judah, Gibbie and Samuel. Abigail is chasing Beatie Bow down Argyle Street but didn’t seem familiar to her considering the amount of times she has been there. She hurts herself by getting knocked down by a man, Samuel (Beatie’s father) and eventually, she arrives at Beatie’s home. Here she meets Granny and Dovey Bow where they help Abigail with her injuries. She faints once again and when she wakes up, she finds herself next to Beatie. Beatie is worried that she might have the ‘Gift’ and doesn’t want Granny to find out about how she brought Abigail back in time. Beatie is always anxious and fears receiving the ‘Gift’ and says ‘She’ll say I’ve the Gift and I havena, and don’t want it, God knows because I’m afeared of what it does.’ Abigail also gets to meet Judah Bow, a sailor who Abigail falls in love with. Chapter 4

Abigail is eavesdropping on...
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