Platform of Pres. Erap

Topics: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Joseph Estrada, Fidel Ramos Pages: 9 (3031 words) Published: March 29, 2013
PLATFORM OF JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA Vision: A democracy that is truly pro-poor. A country with peace and order. A government of transparency and accountability. Economic Agenda REVIVING THE ECONOMY Steady economic growth that is felt by the masses. GNP growth is meaningless if poverty and hunger levels and other measures of quality of life remain poor. An Estrada Administration will increase growth while also increasing the country's human development index. This will be achieved by strengthening the country's domestic economy, specifically in the field of agriculture, instead of relying on overseas remittances to increase GNP; and by ensuring that the bulk of the budget goes to services that trickle down to the poor, such as social services and education, instead of to debt servicing or overpriced infrastructure projects. National Security Agenda PEACE AND ORDER Ending criminal, insurgent and secessionist movements President Joseph Estrada's primary goal is to achieve peace and order nationwide, especially in Mindanao, because he believes that peace and order is a prerequisite to economic development. His top priority is to bring down crime rates in Metro Manila, especially drug-related activities; end insurgency in the Visayas and other provinces infested with rebels; and end the secessionist movement in Mindanao. Aside from the obvious benefits of peace, ending the secessionist movement is a top priority because the country must send out the signal to the international community that we are nation that can keep its own laws in its own land, with the underlying objective of removing travel bans or advisories against the Philippines in order to entice investors and tourists to come. Negotiations will still be the priority means to achieve this objective . However, should the MILF continue to renege on peace agreements and sow terror against Filipinos in Mindanao, war may be considered as a last resort or final means to attaining lasting peace. Social Agenda FOOD SECURITY AND A TRULY PRO-POOR GOVERNMENT Alleviating poverty and hunger by achieving food security and ensuring that government's economic gains are directed to truly benefit the poor The cause of poverty and hunger in this country is massive corruption; studies have shown that the cost of corruption is as much as 20% of the budget. Couple that with government policies that prioritize debt servicing, overpriced infrastructure building with sovereign or government guarantees, and massive importation, and it becomes obvious that poverty alleviation is not the priority of the present administration. An Estrada Administration will be a truly pro-poor government, as exhibited in 1998, through the following social policies: 1 PJEE PLATFORM

1. Correct budget prioritization. Instead of the bulk of the budget going to debt servicing, priority will instead be directed towards social services, education and health services, both on the national level and on the local level. 2. Strengthening the agricultural industry Top priority will be given to the achievement of food security by pouring incentives and strengthening the agricultural industry instead of entertaining a policy of importation. Food security will be achieved by 2015, as the country fulfills its commitment to the Millennium Development Goal to halve the number of people who are hungry by 2015. Governance Policy ENDING GRAFT AND CORRUPTION Achieving transparency and accountability in government The Arroyo administration has shamed the nation by reaching levels of graft and corruption that have tagged the country as one of the most corrupt countries in the world (Transparency International, Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, World Bank). An Estrada Administration will reverse this reputation through the following policies: 1. Respect for appointment processes and appointments based on meritocracy instead of loyalty 2. Increased private sector participation in the government procurement process through the...
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