Plastic Surgery and Teens

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Plastic Surgery and Teens

English 102
May 14, 2013

Plastic Surgery and Teens

“You can cut your hair if it won’t grow. You can fix your nose if he says so. You can buy all the makeup MAC can make, but if can’t look inside you, find out who am I too? Be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty, I’ll make you feel unpretty too.” In the late  90s TLC was known for writing about social issues that young women faced everyday. Their relateable lyrics and connection with their audience was why they were so famous. The song “unprettty” made that connection with the audience. The media and people around them were telling them how to act dress and behave, but they simply ignored what society told them what the “perfect” image was. This type of media influence is still prevalent in today’s society, the only thing that has changed is: instead of young girls making drastic fashion changes, they are now going so far as to change their physical appearance. The purpose of this essay is to make teens aware that the increase of teens getting plastic surgery must be solved.  Not only is plastic surgery among teens increasing, but parents are supporting these dramatic changes on their children. My target audience is teens who are thinking about getting some sort of plastic surgery. This is a trend because a teen getting plastic surgery has been on the rise for quite sometime. In past years this was not the case, adults would be getting plastic surgery not teens. The media today plays a big role as to why teens are opting to get plastic surgery. The research question that is posed and will be answered throughout this essay is plastic surgery becoming a problem with teens in today’s society?

Plastic surgery is on the rise not only with adult, but within the teen community as well. Many teens resort to plastic surgery because they are bullied, or feel that they are imperfect and this will be the only way the can reach perfection. According to the American society for plastic surgeons, “nearly 219, 00 surgeries were performed on people 13-19 in 2010” (American society for plastic surgeons 2012). Plastic surgery might work for some teens, but often time they do not understand the risk factors that go along with type of surgery.

One solution is that teens should undergo a psychological evaluation before getting any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Another solution is teens might also want to know the physical effects of plastic surgery, educate not only the teen, but also the parents on the risk factors of plastic surgery. Another solution is there should be stricter laws for doctors, parents, and teens. The most plausible solution is to educate the teens on the risk factors for plastic surgery.  The first solution to the rise of plastic surgery among teens is a psychological evaluation might help determine if plastic surgery is needed. Making sure the teen is mentally mature is important. This solution is important because know what they teen feels and thinks can determine why he or she wants to undergo this surgery. According to an article in the Journal of Health Care and Law Policy (2001) entitled Adolescent medical decision making and the law of the horse, “the capacity for medical decision making exists (for adults) when a person has the ability to comprehend information relevant to the decision they want to make”(Ouellette 145). For example, a teen cannot understand the magnitude of what plastic surgery is. They often think it is a quick fix to something they think is not “perfect”, or it will stop a bully from picking on them. The way the view plastic surgery is how a normal functioning adult would view a change of wardrobe style or a haircut. According to a cosmetic contributor for People(2010) magazine, “singing your teen up for at least four therapy sessions to determine if there are other issues like depression”(Pham 2010)....
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