Plastic Polution

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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This book talks about global warming and corporate greed. Industrialization causing greenhouse gases, chemicals in animal and human food and alternatives to pollution are also discussed in this book. I would use this book to show the political side and their contribution to pollution. Barnes, Vincent Joseph. Global Warming & Corporate Power in Collision. Canada: Self Published, 2008. pg.14-16.

This article talks about the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that’s in the North Pacific Ocean. It also explains how 80% of the debris is plastic that floats for hundreds of miles until it’s caught up in a gyre. I would use this article to show how plastic ends up there and is broken down by sunlight and salt and ingested by fish and birds. Blomberg, Lindsey. By the Numbers, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

NOAA Marine Debris Program. HYPERLINK

This article is about large cities promoting the use of tap water as opposed to bottled water. Cities are doing their part from banning to charging extra tax on bottled water to save money and natural resources. I would use this article to show that Mayors from 1,100 American cities meet to discuss environmental issues. The articles also gives detailed data on specific beverage consumption around the world, by year. Larsen, Janet. Bottled Water Boycotts: Back-to-the-Tap Movement Gains Momentum.

December 07, 2007. HYPERLINK

This article goes into great detail of the global impact plastic pollution has created. Information on gyres and garbage patches and their locations, the victims and aggressors, changes in ecosystems, education and awareness, legislation and international programs and many other topics are covered in this article. I would use this article to show the magnitude of the problems that plastics have created globally. This non-profit foundation is raising awareness and is...
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