Planning an Expedition to Antarctica

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We as a team will be investigating the effects global warming is having on the Antarctic landscape, we will also look at the effects that the change in the Antarctic landscape is having on other factors such as the dispersion of animals. To look at the change we will look at the rate of contraction of the land, the rate of ice break up, the rate of which a lake is created, the flow rate of Moulins, the rate of sea level increase. As well as this we will try to determine how the reduction of white land mass will further global warming and at what rate. This will be hard to do but one of the many techniques we will employ will be to take ice cores. We will stay in Antarctica for 1 year so we can experience the effects of global warming over the different seasons we will then return to Antarctica in 5 years and study the change in data. To meet safety obligations we have created a training schedule in which the members of the team will learn skills needed for the Antarctic expedition as well as this they will learn first aid and what to do if situations get out of hand (situations such as severe weather, avalanches, snow storms, or separation of the group) they will also undergo rigorous testing and psychological assessment to make sure they will be suited to the weather, environment, and lack of social interaction. This is the training schedule it will span over 2 years and will allow them to begin to experience what it will be like in Antarctica. They will go to the training place per month for 1-2 weeks. Date| Place| Training|

January 13| Snowdonia| Team Bonding, Scrambling, Walking| February 13| Scotland| Winter Skills Proficiency*, walking, ice climbing| March 13| Lake District| Winter Skills Progression*, walking, rock climbing| April 13| Scotland| Winter mountain days, avalanche awareness, graded routes| May 13| Peak District| Rock climbing, navigation|

June 13| Snowdonia| Rock climbing, abseiling|
July 13| Swiss Alps| 2 weeks, alpine mountaineering, crevasse rescue, avalanche, glacier crossing | August 13| Peak District| Rock climbing, navigation, first aid| September 13| Lake District| Rock climbing, navigation, first aid| October 13| North Wales| Rock climbing, navigation, first aid| November 13| North Wales| VHF*, competent crew (sailing), marine engine repair| December 13| Scotland| Winter skills, skiing, mountain days, ice climbing| January 14| Scotland| Winter skills, skiing, mountain days, mixed terrain| February 14| Scotland| Winter skills, skiing, Pulk Training (pullka)*| March 14| Norway| 2 weeks, ski touring, mountaineering|

April 14| Lake District| Winter skills, walking, fitness, rock climbing abseiling| May 14| Wye Valley| Rock climbing|
June 14| North Wales| Alpine skills training and Psychological assessment| July 14| Alps| 2 weeks, alpine mountaineering, crevasse rescue, avalanche, glacier crossing| September 14| North Wales| Communications training and Equipment checks| October 14| Devon| Advanced small boat training|

November 14| Alps| Expedition Rehearsal, final practice of all skills and checking of each person’s specific role/job.|

*Winter skills proficiency-these are things such as skiing, ice climbing, navigation etc. *Winter skills progression- this is a course furthering skill and knowledge in winter skills proficiency (see above for further details) *VHF- very high frequency during this training they will be taught how to use radios in extreme conditions *Pulk Training (pullka)- is training the company in the use of the Scandinavian pullka a short, low-slung small toboggan used in for transport, pulled by a dog or a skier.

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We have decided to include marine training in case they are caught in a situation which requires small boats or ships as the way to evacuate the area. As well as this we understand that we have to follow strict guidelines during our visit to...
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