Plan B: Pros and Cons

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 3 (1284 words) Published: April 24, 2013
The Pill that Changes Lives
Today, there is a growing concern on the use of the Plan B Pill (the morning after contraceptive pill) as a method of birth control. The pill was approve by FDA in 1999, so although the Plan B contraceptive pill is not a new idea to society, it is igniting many debates here in the United States. Henry Mathews believes that this form of birth control has become a more safe and effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The Plan B pill is comprised of higher doses of the same hormones found in typical birth control pills. When taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, Plan B significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy. Even though this method of preventing pregnancy stirred controversy mainly with Pro-Life advocates, the thought of the new pill is a very smart could help solve possible unwanted pregnancies. Though many people will not agree, the pill is becoming more popular, and will eventually be the solve of most pregnancy problems. Most women have had that scary moment of a condom breaking - or in the heat the moment no condom being used at all with the scary question that follows: what if I am pregnant? Thankfully the Plan B pill gives you a second chance. Researchers has found a newer way of preventing pregnancies by taking the Plan B Pill the very next morning, and giving farewells to all the tension. Yes, it sounds easy, but only for girls 18 years or older who can purchase this pill at their local pharmacy store without consulting with a doctor. However, girls 17 years and under are required to have a doctor’s prescription for purchasing the pills. The pill sales for $44.99 (depending on what pharmacy) and can be purchased on the spot. And although abortion is not the same as the pill, this is an extremely dramatic price difference compared to an abortion that could be hundreds of dollars. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compromised and gave approval for sale of Plan B pill for over-the-counter sale after prolonging...
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