Plagiarism is Unacceptable

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Plagiarism is unacceptable. Period. Everyone who has ever attended any school in the world knows this. It is no secret. I believe that a person turning a plagiarized paper knows that they are. Now, If it’s that they are using quotes without giving credit to the author, as an instructor, I would simple remind them that they are to do so and refer them to the Reference and Citation Generator in the University Of Phoenix online library. I would also explain that there are two types of plagiarism: accidental and deliberate. Whether on purpose or accident, the student needs to realize that “Academic dishonesty includes “cheating,” “fraud,” and “plagiarism,” the theft of ideas And other forms of intellectual property— whether they are published or not.” (Jones, L) Plagiarism is dishonest because u are lying claiming words or ideas to be your own when they are not. The student would have to be punished, but the severity would depend on the actual paper. If it is accidental, and u can tell the difference, I would dock point off of the assignment and advise them that this is unacceptable and that they have received their one and only warning. I would also explain to them just exactly what plagiarism is. Other forms of academic dishonesty are any kind of cheating in general including but not limited to: coping someone else’s answers, stealing another person’s ideas, or cheating on test. I haven’t had to be warned about plagiarism because I was taught all about it in grade school. I am fully aware of what it is. But if I am ever in question, I will utilize the tools given to me in the University of Phoenix library. I believe with that tool. There is really no excuse for it.

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