Place Theory

Topics: Perception, The Culture, Sense Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Read “Towards an Understanding of Place: Place Making and Archetypal Structures in Sariaya and Quiapo” by EUO. The issue of Figure Ground Theory and Linkage Theory are apparently not concerns for Piazza Navona and Paris, France. Reflect on how Place Theory can be applied as well on these examples by drawing from the discussion in EUO’s paper.

From what I had understood from reading Arch. Emilio Ozaeta’s Towards an Understanding of Place: Place-making and archetypal structures in Sariaya and Quiapo, a certain place should be studied more than its physical and aesthetical aspects. Architecture is more than what we perceived by using our five basic senses. We should treat architecture not merely as the straight on structures but rather, we must look at it with its context, the purpose, the reflections of the culture, needs, wants and responses of both users and its creators. In the case of Paris, France and Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy, the physical appearance is more emphasized. There is a defining line between the “solids” and “voids” which ultimately contrasts the piazzas and open spaces with the structures. These “voids” on the other hand become more sensible when used as means of way-finding and place recognition. The place theory on the other hand considers more of the physical aspects of an architectural subject. It takes into account the humans/users aspects, needs, cultural, historical and natural contexts. It gives the history of the place; time is involved and is used to define new design solutions on existing conditions. Piazza Navona and Paris, France are known for its boulevards, buildings and its rich history. One can immediately paint a mental image or even a map due to remarkable place marking and recognizable structures. Almost every building in it is identifiable, every block is unique. These in turn gives a unique sensation to the people in it, the residents, visitors, vendors and the likes. This is because the physical, cultural,...
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