Pips Expectations

Topics: Estella Havisham, Great Expectations, Miss Havisham Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Stage Two Pips Expectations
Pip goes to London to start his new life and to live his dreams of being educated and wealthy. When Pip arrives, Mr. Jaggers shows him where he will be staying and gives him a tour around town. He begins to have less and less time for other people outside of his little circle but when he arrives he begins to meet new people. He first meets a man named Herbert Pocket, who is related to Miss Havisham. He tells Pip about her past and why she is the way she is now. He tells him the story about her wedding day, when she was left at the altar by Compeyson and how he ran off with all her money, and how she was so mad that she decided to raise Estella to take revenge on all men. With help of Herbert Pocket, Pip learns to read, write, and act like a classy gentleman. Pip had a good job and an allowance that gave him a good amount of money to be apart of the higher society. Pip started to adapt to all the characteristics of a high class gentlemen, including the attitude. He starts to mistreat Joe. When Joe comes to visit him, Pip becomes embarrassed by him and asks him to go away. With the news of his inheritance, Pip gets even more snobby and rude towards Joe, Pip seems to think that he's made a big differance in class status just by getting richer, and that money has made him a better man than Joe. His relationship with Estella also gets worse and she marries Drummle and all of Pips hopes for her are lost. I think Estella is an example that a person controlled by someone else's expectations isn't really much of a person at all. They had not seen each other in years and the small bond that they had broke in time. Pip also starts to spend too much money and goes into debt even with his secret benefactor giving him money I think Pip thought Miss Havisham's being his benefactor toward his high social status, was the result of her desire that he might marry Estella someday. But once Pip discovers his benefactor really is Magwitch all his dreams...
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