Pink Flamingo

Topics: Flamingo, Plastic flamingo, Lawn ornament Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: December 15, 2011
In “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History,” by Jennifer Price the adoration of pink flamingos in the fifties is shown through the amount of flamingo souvenirs purchased and the commensurate claim to boldness. Price in many ways demonstrates her pessimistic feeling toward our culture and the trends we undergo. Much figurative language is used such as “flocking” and “splashed.” Not only are those very particular words to choose they are also mocking words. Throughout “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History” you can sense a negative tone because of the items we choose to appreciate. When Price states “namesake Flamingo motels, restaurants, and lounges cropped up across the country like a line of semiotic sprouts,” it is a simile describing how we are all the corresponding and we lack originality. We take one little thing and we push it until it’s a huge deal, we beat it like a dead horse until its overdone and everyone is annoyed by it. In addition to that she also says “Americans in temperate New England reproduced it, brightened it, and sent it wading across an inland sea of grass,” meaning, we take a simple item manufacture it, cheapen it, and so called improve it. Then we place it in our yard as a cheesy decoration, but we only do it to be similar to everyone else. Price again uses diction, she also uses figurative language by the inland sea of grass being our yards. When she says that we “brightened it” all we really did was take it and produce it to be hot pink and then practically idolize it. Still to this day flamingos are placed throughout the community, they are no were near as popular as they used to be though. Price illustrates her ill feeling considering the prevalence of flamingos, other than that she makes it clear that she envisions the flamingos as tacky, cheap and derivative. This excerpt presents the similarities of our culture from the fifties up until now. Our generation is still the same, we just want to be part of the “in...
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