Pineapple Adaption

Topics: Plant, Photosynthesis, Hornwort Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Vascular plant: Pineapple (Plant)
Non-Vascular Plant: Hornworts

Pineapple Plant Classification:Hornworts Classification:

Domain: EukaryaDomain: Eukarya
Kingdom: PlantaeKingdom: Plantae
Phylum: AnthopythaPhylum: Magnoliopytha
Class: LilopsidaClass: Magnoliopsida
Order: BromelialesOrder: Nymphaeales
Family: BromelialesFamily: Ceratophyllaceae
Genus: AnanasGenus: Ceratophyllum
Species: Ananas comosusspecies: Ceratophyllum demersum

Pineapple Plant Habitat:
They, Ananas Comosus, are considered tropical plants and can usually be found between 30 degrees North and South latitude. Pineapples need a warm climate to survive; they usually live in temperatures between 25-32 degrees Celsius (around 77-89 degrees Fahrenheit) and cannot tolerate frost. The sunlight in a pineapple’s habitat is usually in large amounts most of the day. Fun fact: the more sunlight a pineapple gets the bigger it will be.

Hornworts Habitat:
Ceratophyllum Demersum is an aquatic plant that usually grows in quiet lakes, ponds, marshes and streams. They are found all around the North American continent and to an extent in Europe. The provide shelter for many species in the lake ecosystem, including fish hatchlings to aquatic invertebrates.

Pineapple Plant Adaptions:
* Leaves: Because of the excess need for water and sunlight, the Pineapple leaves are specifically designed to take in Sunlight, Water, in exponential amounts. The leaves have a translucent tissue that allows them to store water when inadequate rainfall or drought occurs, which is normal in the hot climates that pineapples grow in. The leaves also grow spirally so that every thirteenth leaf is directly above the first allowing an increased sunlight increase. * Roots: Pineapples have auxiliary roots that form on the leaf axis of the plant. This allows for direct water and nutrients absorption by the plant. * Photosynthesis: The Plant goes through a...
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