Pilgramage of Grace Dbq Ap Euro

Topics: Henry VIII of England, English Reformation, Pg. 99 Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: August 26, 2012
Pilgrimage of Grace was a protest whereas the marchers opposed the doings and new governmental policies of Thomas Cromwell. Thomas Cromwell, after the Act of Supremacy imposed by the head of the Anglican Church, Henry Viii, was put in charge. His rule resulted in a series of new laws including taxes, they expansion of royal power in England, the dissolution of the monasteries, and the confiscation of Catholic Church lands.

The marchers that were in the Pilgrimage of Grace were peasants, according to Doc 3. The peasants were devoted Catholics who wanted people to be Catholic and love god in Document1. These devoted Catholic peasants did not view Henry Viii whose started everything as the central “bad guy” of this whole thing, but they viewed Thomas Cromwell as a traitor that should be exiled from this place in Document 6.

There were many other people besides the peasants who participated in the Pilgrimage of Grace. Catholics monks were also in the crowd of marchers according to document 4. It also says in document 11 that the new rules our ruining the government. The once grand kind monstareries who aren’t afraid to hesitate to help other people in the name of God now is cruel and unhelpful. The king is soliciting money from the abbey lands and making the lives of the people there hard and desperate. These reasons stated in Document 4 and 11 sparked a reason to side with the peasants and join the pilgrimage of Grace.

Aside from the people in this protest there was a few goals that the whole movement itself was set to achieve. For one, based on document 1 it wanted to purify the nobility and expel all evil counselors; which most likely meant Thomas Cromwell. Another reason was to punish the “traitor” Thomas Cromwell for subverting the good of laws of the realm according to document 5. The Pilgrimage of Grace itself waged war on the Privy Council which I believe is controlled by Thomas Cromwell. They also waged the war on the kings name, document 8, showing...
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