Pigs in Heavan

Topics: Personal life, Family, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Tyler Knutson
Mr. Walther – Hour 2
Book: Pigs in Heaven

The book I will do my assignment on is Pigs in Heaven. Also the character I have chosen is Taylor Greer. Taylor Greer is a protagonist. Taylor Greer’s supporting character is Turtle who helps her make many decisions in life thorough the story. To fully understand Taylor Greer, it’s important to look at her many strengths and weaknesses. Her whole purpose is to make her daughter happy which will be noticed by her daughter later in the story.

Taylor Greer has much strength and a few weaknesses. Taylor is an independent, young woman who has always been able to take care of herself. She spent her entire youth avoiding pregnancy, only to find herself an instant mother one night at a bar in Oklahoma. She plays a "mother bear" kind of role in the story she will go to any means to protect her daughter, and to keep Turtle with her. All Taylor's actions are encouraged by this conviction. Jax says at one point that Taylor "enjoys" him, but she "loves" Turtle. Indeed, Taylor instinctually reacts in terms of Turtle, and not in terms of Jax. On her dates in Seattle, she does not even consider leaving Turtle at home. She is a rigid and determined mother.

Taylor Greer’s main goal was to make sure she was the best loving mother that she could be. This goal is so very important to Taylor Greer that so that her daughter lives a happy life and has a bright future, also she wants her daughter to be better than herself and succeed in life. She gives up many things for her daughter like her love of her life that doesn’t like the daughter and doesn’t pay much attention to her which makes her daughter feel likes she doing something wrong and unwanted in the family. I think that Taylor Greer’s sacrifices were rewarding because then she got more time with her daughter and made her feel needed, gave her advice and tips in live, and made her feel loved by her mother.

Taylor Greer is a dynamic character who has strengthened...
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