Physioex9.0 Exercise 4 Act 1

Topics: Metabolism, Thyroid, Hormone Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: November 8, 2012
1. The normal rat had the fastest BMR.

2. Because of the different organs that were removed from the two other rats that would produce certain hormones. My prediction was correct.

3. Thyroxine would be missing in its blood.

4. Thyroxine wouldn’t be released which helps maintain metabolism and body. The hormone levels would be lower as a result.

5. The metabolic rate went up.My prediction was correct.

6. It raised the rate, even though it wasn’t as high as the normal rat's, it was still hyperthyroidic. The dose was too large. My prediction was correct. The normal rat was hperthyroidic and didn't develop a goiter.

7. The thyroxine injections on the hypophysectomized rat amd the BMR hyperthyroidic. It still was not as great as the normal rat's and also did not get a goiter. My prediction once again was correct.

8. Once again, the TSH hormone increased the normal rat's BMR. As a result, a goiter was formed.

9. The TSH injection on the thyroidectomized rat made the rat hyperthyroidic, just like the normal rat. However, no goiter was formed. This was observed because this hormone produces thyroxine.

10. The hypophysectomized rat had a hyperthyroidic BMR and developed a goiter because the TSH dosage was too high. It had a higher BMR than the normal rat.

11. By injecting the normal rat with PTU, the BMR was hypothyroidic. This rat also developed a goiter because the TSH level became too high.

12. My prediction was incorrect. The Tx rat was hypothyroidic, however, it didn't develop a goiter. Its BMR was greater than the normal rat's. This was observed because PTU inhibits thyroxineand the Tx rat cannot produce that on its own because it doesn't have a thyroid gland.

13. The hypox rat was also hypothyroidic jsut like the other 2 rats. It did not develop a goiter. The BMR was higher than that of the normal rat but it was still hypothyroidic.
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