Physioex 8.0 Experiment 1

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Lab Report One

Exercise Five

Activity One
“Simulating Simple Diffusion”

Activity Two
“Simulating Facilitated Diffusion”

Jessica Ogola

Anatomy and Physiology 2401
Dr. Denyse Jones

The objective of this experiment is to perform the simulation of the movement of solutes from a higher concentration to a lower concentration within a given amount of time.

The goal of the exercise is to provide a simulation for the process of the facilitated diffusion of glucose through a selectively permeable membrane.

Experiment #1 and #2 are meant to show the processes of Simple and Facilitated diffusion. Both the solutes and water were used to show how they diffuse through a semi permeable membrane. In experiment #1 the process of using the solute and deionized water shows how much of the solute is passed through the membrane. In experiment #2 the rate of facilitated diffusion relied on the amount of carrier proteins available to transport the solute molecules.

Hypothesis – Activity 1: Simulating Simple Diffusion
“I hypothesize that all of the solutes will have some rate of diffusion through the permeable membrane.”
Hypothesis – Activity 2: Simulating Facilitated Diffusion “I hypothesize that a higher concentration gradient would result in a higher rate of glucose transport”

Materials and Methods:
Activity #1 Materials:
* 2 Beakers
* 4 MWCO Membranes
* 20, 50, 100, 200
* 9.00 mM of each solute:
* NaCl, Urea, Albumin, Glucose
* Deionized water
* The solutes NaCl, Urea, Albumin, and Glucose each in the amount of 9.00 mM were used respectively. * The first step is to place the appropriate membrane in between the beakers. * Dispense the appropriate solute (L) and Deionized water (R) into the beakers. * Set a timer for sixty minutes. When the time is finished read and record the data. * These steps are repeated for each solute and each additional membrane. Activity #2 Materials:

* 2 Beakers
* 2.00 mM Glucose Solution
* 8.00 mM Glucose Solution
* Deionized Water
* 3 Carrier Protein membranes
* 500, 700, and 900 Carrier Proteins
* To begin, adjust the glucose carrier to 500.
* To build the membrane, insert 500 glucose carrier proteins into the empty chamber. * Move the membrane between the two chambers.
* The glucose concentration to be delivered to the left beaker needs to be equal to 2.00 mM. Fill the right beaker with Deionized water * Set a timer for 60 minutes, and then begin the experiment. Read and record data. * Empty and rinse both beakers to be sure to remove any remaining solute * Repeat steps using membranes with first, 700 glucose proteins, and then 900 glucose carrier proteins. Read and record the glucose transport rate each time. Repeat experiment using 8.00 mM of glucose concentrate.

Results/Raw Data:

Experiment One:
Each solute was diffused through a series of four semi permeable membranes with a molecular weight of 20, 50, 100, and 200. There was no diffusion of any of the solutes through the membrane at the molecular weight of 20. However, when the weight of the membranes used was increased the solutes began to diffuse through the membranes. The solute, Albumin, did not prove to have any diffusion through any permeable membrane.

Activity One ‘Simple Diffusion’ results
Membrane (MWCO)|
Solute| 20| 50| 100| 200|
NaCl| No Diffusion| 10 minutes| 10 minutes| 10 minutes| Urea| No Diffusion| No Diffusion| 16 minutes| 16 minutes| Albumin| No Diffusion| No Diffusion| No Diffusion| No Diffusion| Glucose| No Diffusion| No Diffusion| No Diffusion| 37 minutes| Table KeyData| Rate of diffusion|

Solute| Column one|
20 MWCO| Column two|
50 MWCO| Column three|
100 MWCO| Column four|
200 MWCO| Column five|

Experiment Two:
In Facilitated Diffusion the number of...
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