Physics Lab Project: Concept of Rectification

Topics: Rectifier, Alternating current, Diode bridge Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad
Applied Physics Lab Project Report
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Physics lab project
In this project we have created a device which takes input of 220 volts of ALTERNATING SOURCE and it gives us out put of 5 volts of DIRECT CURRENT for this purpose we have used various electronic components as mentioned below and made its circuit on PCB we have learned the concept of RECTIFICATION in this project. Components used:

Following are the components used in this project:
1. Transformer (step down 220 v).
2. 4 Semiconductor diodes.
3. Capacitor.
4. Regulator (LM7805).
5. Resistor.
We will use step down transformer of 220 volts this will take input of 220 volts from primary coil and it will give output of 12 volts from secondary coil remember that this current will be alternating current.

4 semiconductor diodes
When four diodes are connected as shown in figure the circuit is called a BRIDGE RECTIFIER. The input to the circuit is applied to the diagonally opposite corners of the network, and the output is taken from the remaining two corners. We will use 4 semi conductor diodes to make a bridge rectifier circuit in which four diodes are combined in such a way that they form a bridge and two of them act as forward baised and remaining two will act as reversed baised in active condition when A.C current will pass through it.It will allow only positive cycle to pass through it and we obtain D.C current through output. Capacitor

Capacitor is a device that can store charge but in our circuit single phase half-wave rectifier produces an output wave every half cycle and that it was not practical to use this type of circuit to produce a steady DC supply. The full-wave bridge rectifier however, gives us a greater mean DC...
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