Physician Assisted Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Death, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Physician Assisted Suicide
Forty-nine states have passed laws regulating assisted suicide, and forty-eight of them prohibit the study of it. Oregon is the only state where physicians are able to help their terminally ill patients, or anyone for that matter commit suicide. The debate of whether human beings, or even doctors have the right to help others die has been around since before the birth of Christ. There was an oath that was written the fourth century B.C, that states that physicians will not give a lethal drug to anyone, if asked and wont advise, and promise no abortions. Physician assisted suicide is the voluntary termination of ones own life by administration of a lethal substance with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician. Physician assisted suicide would cause suicides to climax. There is always another way out, no one should ever result to suicide, and no one should encourage it.

Physician assisted suicide first became an issue in 1990, when it was brought up to the public by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, with occasionally eliminating pain, with large amounts of morphine, but unintended death in the treatment. “Physician Assisted suicide should not be legalized” –Leon R. Kass. He feels that legalization will change the relationship between doctors and patients. They will be transformed from healers into prescribers of death. The elderly, ill, and disabled will feel as if they are forced to choose suicide as their option. Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would encourage euthanasia that will be performed without patient consent. Euthanasia or killing without consent would be violation of the fourteenth amendment: deprivation of life without due process law. The right to refuse unwanted intervention is seen as the right protecting how we choose to live even if dying, Doctors can focus on enhancing the lives of those dying, with relief of pain, giving support, rather than intentionally kill, or help kill, or allow the patient to die. In...
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