Physical Beauty: A Way People Tend to Classify Others

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Rhetorical Essay
Dr. Walker
20 December 2012

Physical beauty is a way people tend to classify other; young or old, men or women, there is simply no exceptions. People tend to choose what characteristics of a person they like or not. Color, race, sex, or ethnicity does not matter. Society has taught people to accept or deny others based on their appearance. A person is either classified beautiful/handsome or simply ugly based upon society point of view (Dollinger, Stephen, Physical attractiveness, social connectedness, and individuality: An Auto photographic Study, pages 25-32, 2010) ; sadly physical beauty can affect ones individualism or realism as it occurred to Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X (Haley, Alex, and Autobiography of Malcolm X: As told to Alex Haley, 199).

Individualism and realism is influenced by how society classifies a person’s physical aspect (beauty). Individualism is defined as the pursuit of individual rather than common or collective interest; egoism (Dictionary, dictionary/reference, 2012). A person classifies/labels itself as an individual based on its physical appearance; if you are attractive and society “approves” you then you can be determined as an individual with a strong character. Malcolm X suffered that struggle, according to society he belong to , African Americans, he was an individual of his own, because of his personal aspect, speeches he gave, to them he was their leader. In all reality to the superior society “White Society” he was not an individual and was not accepted for of his own physical appearance. According to the “White Society” he had to of their skin complexion to be accepted.

During those times, segregation was occurring. The White supremacy was all that was correct and the African Americans where no one, because of their skin complexion. Malcolm X was not accepted in the society, because of his color, yet to his father, he was the best son and of was treated better...
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