Phillips Furniture

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Case: Phillips Furniture
1.      On what activities would you tell Mr. Phillips you intended to focus?  Why?
There are several different things that Mr. Phillips should focus on. The first thing that needs to be done is a mission statement. This is important because the business needs to have a purpose and objective. Mr. Phillips and all the other managers should sit down and discuss this matter and lay out a goal for where the company stands today and where they want to be in the future. By knowing how the company should grow the employees know what to strive for.

Other important aspects are to develop an organizational structure and a job description. An organizational structure will help all employees understand the hierarchy of the company. This will help ensure efficient management and everyone will know who is responsible for doing what. The job description is important because it help the business to grow in each store. The description needs to be brief and clear to each and every employee know what their job is and exactly what is expected of them. Training and evaluation of employees should also be considered to gain more knowledgeable employees and follow their work performance over periods of time.

2.      What would be your first action, and why?
The first thing I would to create an organizational structure so that all the employees can understand where they stand in the company’s hierarchy. Since Phillips Furniture has stores in several locations it is important for all of them to have a set of ground rules to follow that makes them all work the same. To clearly define the job description also goes hand in hand, since it is important for everyone to know their responsibilities.
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