Philippine Literacy in the Pre-Spanish Era - Position Paper

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Philippine Literacy in the Pre-Spanish Era

I. What is literacy?
A. Literacy is defined by the society today. 1. Literacy is a person’s ability to speak and write. 2. Literacy is closely intertwined to English by today’s society. B. Literacy in the form of functional and basic skills. 1. Basic literacy is founded through the ability to speak and write. 2. Reading as an important factor of literacy evolution.

II. Pre-Spanish Literacy in the Philippines.

A. The Writing system and early forms of literature. 1. Filipino ancestors used their own system in writing literature. 2. Every Filipino was given the privilege to read and write. B. How the ancient script became extinct. 1. Spanish colonization stopped the development of the ancient Filipino culture. 2. The irrepressible influences brought by the conquerors of the Philippines.

III. Emphasizing the value of Ancient Philippine Writing System. A. The writing system is essential in the society. 1. Promoting Ancient Philippine writing is an avenue to improve nationalism among Filipinos. 2. It is our responsibility as Filipinos to value our ancestral culture and norms.

Philippine Literacy in the Pre-Spanish Era
Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write common symbols. Literacy used to be a very simple idea that only involves a person’s ability or skill to read and write his/ her country’s writing system. Today, literacy has been intertwined into many different aspects and has been branded by the evolving society as having the competence to progress continuously with globalization....
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