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Topics: Public health, Epidemiology, Health Pages: 14 (4588 words) Published: February 6, 2013
A. BIOSTATISTICS Biostatistics is the development and application of statistical reasoning and methods in addressing, analyzing and solving problems in public health; health care; and biomedical, clinical and populationbased research. Competencies: Upon graduation a student with an MPH should be able to… A. 1. Describe the roles biostatistics serves in the discipline of public health. A. 2. Describe basic concepts of probability, random variation and commonly used statistical probability distributions. A. 3. Describe preferred methodological alternatives to commonly used statistical methods when assumptions are not met. A. 4. Distinguish among the different measurement scales and the implications for selection of statistical methods to be used based on these distinctions. A. 5. Apply descriptive techniques commonly used to summarize public health data. A. 6. Apply common statistical methods for inference. A. 7. Apply descriptive and inferential methodologies according to the type of study design for answering a particular research question. A. 8. Apply basic informatics techniques with vital statistics and public health records in the description of public health characteristics and in public health research and evaluation. A. 9. Interpret results of statistical analyses found in public health studies. A. 10. Develop written and oral presentations based on statistical analyses for both public health professionals and educated lay audiences. B. COMMUNITY HEALTH SCIENCES (URBAN AND IMMIGRANT HEALTH) {SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES} Community health sciences in public health address the behavioral, social and cultural factors related to individual and population health and health disparities over the life course. Research and practice in this area contributes to the development, administration and evaluation of programs and policies in public health and health services to promote and sustain healthy environments and healthy lives for individuals and populations. Competencies: Upon graduation a student with an MPH should be able to… B. 1. Identify basic theories, concepts and models from a range of social and behavioral disciplines that are used in public health research and practice. B. 2. Identify the causes of social and behavioral factors that affect health of individuals and populations. B. 3. Identify individual, organizational and community concerns, assets, resources and deficits for social and behavioral science interventions. B. 4. Identify critical stakeholders for the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs, policies and interventions. B. 5. Describe steps and procedures for the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs, policies and interventions. B. 6. Describe the role of social and community factors in both the onset and solution of public health problems. B. 7. Describe the merits of social and behavioral science interventions and policies. B. 8. Apply evidence-based approaches in the development and evaluation of social and behavioral science interventions. B. 9. Apply ethical principles to public health program planning, implementation and evaluation. B. 10. Specify multiple targets and levels of intervention for social and behavioral science programs and/or policies. 4/3/2012

C. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES Environmental health sciences represent the study of environmental factors including biological, physical and chemical factors that affect the health of a community. Competencies: Upon graduation a student with an MPH should be able to… C. 1. Describe the direct and indirect human, ecological and safety effects of major environmental and occupational agents. C. 2. Describe genetic, physiologic and psychosocial factors that affect susceptibility to adverse health outcomes following exposure to environmental hazards. C. 3. Describe federal and state regulatory programs, guidelines and authorities that control environmental...
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