Pharmacology and Certain Medication

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Everyone who works in the medical profession has heard the word pharmacology, but what does this word really mean? According to Oxford dictionary (2003), “Pharmacology deals with all aspects of the actions of drugs on living tissues, particularly their effects on man.” To me pharmacology stands for the study and effects of all medication. It includes benefits and reasons why certain medication should be prescribed. It also includes certain side effects of medications and what medical staff and patients need to be aware of when taking and administrating certain drugs. Pharmacists learn a great deal about this when in pharmacy school. It is very important to know about all aspects of medications especially in a hospital setting. Pharmacists are the double check system to make sure that the right medication is given to the patient to treat their problem. An example of that is, if a doctor gives an order for an antibiotic to treat a certain strain of bacteria, and the antibiotic doesn’t cover that strain it’s important to know the pharmacology of that drug so you can let the doctor know so they can prescribe something that will work.

I have worked in a hospital as a pharmacy tech for the last 13 years. I have seen many, many times when a doctor prescribes a medication that is not clinical indicated for what they’re treating. The pharmacist then contacts the doctor and it is changed to a medication that is. Pharmacology plays a huge part in correct treatment of many different disease and conditions. References

Blakemore & Jennet (2003) Definition of Pharmacology Oxford University Press The Oxford Companion to the Body. Retrieved on March 25, 2011 from
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