Pharmaceutical Industry Ethical Practices

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| Ethics in Corporate Society|
| PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING-the growing ethical concern?
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Madiha Raza
Noama Naeem
Sheikh Zargham Zaigham

November 5, 2011

Dear Readers,
As students of BBA, our course instructor of Ethics in Corporate Society, Ms. Tania Danish authorized us to make a report on the “PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING-the growing ethical concern?” We were required to make a report in accordance to our learning in the course of Ethics in Corporate Society and simultaneously increase our knowledge in regard with the ethics of Pharmaceutical Marketing in Pakistan. This report is to be produced to explore ethical issues in Pharmaceutical Marketing in Pakistan and especially with reference to the theoretical knowledge gained in the class lectures The report is required to be submitted on 8th, Dec 2011.

All Group Members,
Institute of Business Administration


December 8, 2011

Ms. Tania Danish
Course Instructor,
Ethics in Corporate Society,
Institute of Business Administration,
Subject: PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING-the growing ethical concern? Respected Ms. Danish,
Here is the final report on the “PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING-the growing ethical concern?” which you had authorized us to work upon at the beginning of this semester. The report is now ready for your perusal. This report is a complete portrayal of ethical concerns regarding Pharmaceutical Marketing. The making of this report has been a wonderful learning experience for all our group members and we thank you for giving us this opportunity to avail. We have worked diligently with our toiling endeavors to provide you a real and complete picture of the situation of Pharmaceutical Marketing. If you have any further queries, please call us on our cell no. 0322-3142893. We would be glad to respond to your queries. Sincerely,

All Group Members
Institute of Business Administration


This research was only possible with the efforts of our entire group. Thanks a lot to the entire team for their all-embracing contributions. We would also like to thank the people who showed genuine interest in making this all important report possible, by providing their opinions regarding the report and suggestions which help us in improving this report. Thought-provoking and sometimes extraordinary, the ideas discussed in this report can lead to more discussions or trigger the thinking process of many people. This would serve the purpose of the research and analysis on the Pharmaceutical Marketing. And in the end, we would also like to thank our course instructor Ms. Tania Danish for assigning us an interesting project and guiding us at every step of this report.


This report is produced with the objective, to learn about the Pharmaceutical Sector of Pakistan as a whole. The operations that take place in the Pharmaceutical Sector could be understood. The purpose also included the facts that could be disclosed which make a company competitive as compared to others in terms of Pharmaceutical Marketing. In understanding all these features of the Pharmaceutical Companies, Mr. Owais Baig, Mr. Zaigham Masood Sheikh, Dr. Yasir Saeed, Dr. Aun helped us. With this opportunity our group would like to thank them for providing us all the valuable information, and for providing us their precious time. Our group members would also like to thank Ms. Tania Danish, our instructor for Ethics in Corporate Society for giving us a task, which we all loved to complete and which in the end proved to be very useful in improving our knowledge over different issues regarding the Pharmaceutical sector. Thanks to all of them!

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Introduction to Pharmaceutical Marketing10
Beliefs about the Free Market11
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