Peter Skrynecki Belonging Essay

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Choice Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: February 25, 2013
For Peter Skrznecki it is like being part of two cultures but at the same time not able to belong and connect to either one. In Migrant Hostel Peter reflects the unpleasant memories, he remembers at 4 years old, when he and his parents emigrated to Australia from Poland. He uses language techniques such as similes to create a sense of uncertainty and not belonging, because similes are not as certain as metaphors. He uses motifs of birds and pigeons, which is seen in my visual representation. For example, "Nationalities sought each other out instinctively like homing pigeons" this emphasises the instinctive need to find someone or something familiar in a foreign place, to feel a sense of comfort and belonging. At times he felt unity with his family but this is juxtaposed with the sense of wondering of which culture he belongs to, Poland or Australia? This is represented visually in my collage, with images showing not belonging to groups and being an outcast, there is only one image in the corner representing unity and belonging. This is contrasted by all the other images portraying not belonging and alienation. Which relates to how Peter feels about being a man of two different cultures.  

In the poem Feliks Skrynecki, Peter describes his father with emotive language on how he tries and fit in to a new culture "My gentle father, kept paces only with the Joneses" (idiom is used.) But his father still has a strong connection to his culture through his garden, which Peter describes as he "loved his garden, like an only child" the garden is symbolic and represents his home land and culture. This relates to the film Kite runner, when Amir's father takes soil from Afghanistan and puts it in a case before he crosses the border, the soil becomes symbolic for the father's culture and treasures it till his death bed. In both texts land is used as a symbol of connection that both fathers show to their culture and homeland. Which relates to my visual representation with an...
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