Peter Pan Generation Is Growing Up

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Paola Lagunas
English 101
Essay 3
November 2 0, 2012
The Peter Pan Generation is Growing Up
There are no longer any adventures in library wonderlands in literature today, kids are forced to experience hard reality at a much younger age. Maria Tartar author of "No More Adventures In Wonderland" asserts the evolution of children’s and young adult villains in stories. Peter Pan, the lost boy, who never grew up, is one of her examples, giving Captain Cook a childish effect, J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan), gives the child the security that the good guys win the battle between the silly and playful adventure stories. Alice in Wonderland, a book about a girl losing herself down a rabbit hole and then battling the red queen,and her card soldiers, also give this story a secure and childish effect. Tartar believes authors have helped villains evolve from whimsically devilish to brutal and dark. The children books, intended before for a fun time are now becoming suspenseful sit down novels. According to Tartar, authors “have crossed. Creating a perverse twist on such stories as Clifford the big red dog, The Graveyard book, a picture book about a serial killer hand who holds a knife and kills his four family member is a perfect example of authors new twist on entertainment.  Harry Potter, a national best seller, is about a child’s parents dying at the start of the story, the protagonist fighting death, and loosing family and friends until the end where a well planned murder with the entire character base give a grand final to this seven book series. However, Tartar gives the prize of absolute horrific monsters to Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games. Collins has turned the child reading the book into the villain. Katniss Everdeen (protagonist) fights against 12-18 year old children, in a brutal battle for living. Opening her reader’s eyes into seeing children's exposure to books about death, and stories about despair and devastation, Tartar...
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