Peter Jackson Research Report Level 2

Topics: Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings, Heavenly Creatures Pages: 7 (2383 words) Published: June 19, 2011
English research report: What’s on Their Minds?
By: Tessa Paaymans
Director: Peter Jackson

The movies:
Lovely Bones
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Heavenly Creatures

The questions:
1.What is a common issue that stands out in Peter Jackson’s films? 2.Why does Peter Jackson highlight this issue in his films? 3.How does Peter Jackson use film techniques to highlight this issue?

My research report is about Peter Jackson’s films and the issue he communicates through his film techniques and movies. Peter Jackson’s films showed a common theme of obsession throughout the movies. The films I have studied and researched into are: the Lovely Bones, Heavenly Creatures and the third movie The Return of the King of the trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

The Questions:
1.Peter Jackson has one very clear issue in all the films I have studied and that is obsession. With The Lord of the Rings it is everyone’s obsession with the ‘one ring’. In the Lovely Bones it is Suzie Salmons obsession with her life before death and Mr Harvey’s obsession with killing. And the Heavenly Creatures it was Pauline’s and Juliet’s obsession with each other and the ‘fourth world’. Although obsession may not seem like an important and major world wide problem like world hunger it can be potentially dangerous. In Peter Jackson’s films he shows the extremities that the character end up going through because they hit breaking point with there obsessions. An example of this is in each of the films in the Heavenly Creatures when Pauline’s and Juliet’s relationship spirals out of control and their parents try to separate them. Their fixation drives them to brutally murdering Pauline’s mother with half a brick enclosed in a old stocking. In the Lord of the Rings it is the climax where after all the problems and complications Frodo has had to overcome with the ring he can’t and won’t throw the ring in to the fire of the Mountain of Doom which shows the ring has taken hold of him ‘’to the ruin of all’’ quote by Galadriel. In The Lovely Bones an example of obsession would be the montage of all the girls he has murdered of where he has carelessly left them when they are dead, this shows that Susie is not the first murder but just one of many meaning he can’t stop and it has developed in to a need and an obsession. The issue of obsession in the world today is a concern because although it may not drive us to the extremes of the likes of these films it can impact anyone. Wether it is drugs, technological devices or murder obsessions can still be dangerous and harmful especially considering that the Heavenly creatures is based on the diaries of Pauline Yvonne Parker a true story that happened in Christchurch in 1954.

2.Throughout his films, Peter Jackson is trying to show what happens when we do not confront obsession as well as do nothing about it, it ends up a disaster for all involved. Peter Jackson has emphasized this problem because it is present constantly through out the populace and influences many. I have researched specifically into what an obsession is and found the New Zealand School Dictionary very helpful with the meaning of obsession; it is if someone who has an obsession about something, they cannot stop thinking about that thing. Also that obsession’s can come in any form from obsessive love to sexual obsession. It also comes in varying strengths from a hobby like Mr salmon’s in The Lovely Bones of building boats in a bottle to mild cases like Juliet and Pauline obsession with each other to OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) to dacnomainia (obsession with killing) like Mr. Harvey and his obsession of killing women and girls. Peter Jackson spotlights this problem because we as a society need to recognize that many suffer from serious forms of it and are very dangerous and others with mild cases need help and support to realize they have an obsession and overcome it.

3. Peter Jackson uses an...
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