Pest Analysis on Airasia

Topics: IKEA, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, Focus group Pages: 35 (9524 words) Published: August 12, 2008

The aim of this report is to understand the consumer’s behaviour and consumer’s perception on IKEA home office furniture and market strategies in terms of brand awareness, design, price and service. As the consultants of IKEA Company we found from the secondary research that the number of self employed people at home increasing steadily and most of them work at home (Mintel report 2006). The market trend is that people working at home, with technological advances and more businesses try to find more flexible working practices. For this reasons the demand for home office furniture has increased. Therefore, this research is trying to give some of marketing strategies of home office furniture business for IKEA Company in order to increase their market share in home office furniture market. The primary research investigated which factors are important when consumer purchase home office furniture, and also investigated what are the consumer opinions about the IKEA home office furniture in terms of design, price and service. We used questionnaires to conduct the quantitative research and focus groups for the qualitative research.


To understand the consumers behaviour towards IKEA home office furniture. •To understand the customer perception on IKEA marketing strategies in term of brand image, design, price and services. •To find out which marketing strategies is the best and the worst in consumer’s mind. •To improve marketing strategies of IKEA home office furniture.


Qualitative research:

Qualitative research is designed to interpret data, rather than taking it as read, (Holloway, 2002). Normally people use focus group method in qualitative research. Focus group research is ideal for providing access to participants who are traditionally suspicious of research and for surfacing meanings and emotions that might not be articulated elsewhere. One reason for choosing to use the focus group method is because it provides you with evidence from range of different voices on the same subject. Focus groups create settings in which diverse perceptions, judgements and experiences on a particular topic can surface. Lind (1995).

Moreover, another benefit of focus group is their interactive nature. When participants hear about the experiences of other members of the group, they are motivated to expand on and refine their own ideas and perceptions of the topic. Each person’s comments, therefore, encourage further Reponses from other participants. Their comments do the following:

Stimulate thoughts in other respondents
Cause other respondents to view things differently.
Stimulate greater depth of discussion.
Remind individuals of things they may have forgotten.
Help other participants to better verbalize their thoughts and opinions (Davis 1997:200)

Furthermore, focus groups allow you to collect a large amount of data in a relatively short space of time. They are quicker and cheaper to conduct than individual interviews with the same number of participants. By bringing together between six and ten people for a specific period, you benefit from a range of insights which can be transcribed and analysed more quickly than if you were conducting a number of one-to-one interviews. These advantages apply equally to online group research. They also have the potential for quicker analysis because group discussions can be immediately recorded into a file and printed out, producing an instant transcript, or loaded directly into a content analysis programme.

People who use this form of research tend to focus on the collection and interpretation of words rather than numbers, and the researcher becomes personally engaged with the people being studied, rather than being deliberately remote from their informants. The aim of such...
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