Persuassive Speech Example

Topics: Death Penalty, Capital punishment in the United States, Hanging Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: May 16, 2013
April Fibrow

Persuasive Speech

May 07, 2013


I. Attention Getter: Think to yourself while I purpose a scenario, you come home from work one day to find your wife, children, and even the dog dead. Caution tape surrounding your house, police officers everywhere, corner vans, but no one telling you what the heck is going on. The man who had shot your family is sitting hand cuffed in the back of a police car, would you want justice to be served?

II. All but 17 of the 50 states practice the death penalty as of today. According to Wise Geeks, the death penalty is “the act of putting a person to death, after judgment by a legal system, either as an act of retribution, or to ensure they cannot commit future crimes.” (Web). There are many pros and cons that face the death penalty in the eyes of human’s. I would like persuade you why we should use the death penalty as a form of punishment. Please listen with an open mind as I provide information about the death penalty to you. First I would like to inform you of the cost of the death penalty vs. how much it cost to houses an inmate. Secondly, that it in fact is not inhumane. Lastly, the series of events leading to the execution of the inmate. I choose to speak about the death penalty because I am a strong believer in it. My research included interviews, online sources, and documentaries about the death penalty.

Transition: Let me get started by talking about the cost of both the death penalty and housing inmates.


I. As housing can be very expensive, I spoke with a retired police officer from L.A.P.D is actually my grandfather, he explained to me that housing an inmate on death row in today’s economy cost roughly $60,000 a year equating to a little over $1 billion during their sentence. The inmate must be provided shelter, food, health care, and security. My grandpa also explained to me that many inmates sit on death row for long periods of time they actually die before execution...
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