Persuasive Lying Essay

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Persuasive Lying Essay
People often say that honesty is the best policy. You should listen to them they know what they’re talking about. Lying. In the dictionary the definition of lying is an “intentionally told false statement” but the dictionary doesn’t list the consequences of a lie or why said false statements were used. So, I’ll have to do it. I know that no one wants to hear that they look fat or grotesque , or that the ugly sweater they gave someone for Christmas will never see anything but the inside of a closet. We as humans believe that telling a lie will avoid unnecessary conflict. Does it though? They also think lying could gain themselves attention. But would they want the attention after a while? Some people also believe lying will help avoid hurting others. What if the person being lied to is the kind of person who would want to know the truth regardless? Yet, you still spare their feelings to avoid hurting them. These are just a few situations that we, as human beings, would use a so called lie. In the end however, karma comes back around and you get in an even worse conflicted situation then what it could have been if you told the truth, you’ve gained unwanted attention, and you’ve hurt the people closest to you. Is this what you want? Lying is used in many different situations. One of these ways is to avoid unnecessary conflict between you and someone you’re close to as well as someone of authority. Throughout anyone’s lifetime they would be able to say that they’ve lied to their parents at least once. Whether it’s about school or relationships it has happened. Most teenagers have skipped out of school to hang out with their friends when in their parent’s reality they were supposed to be in English. Like Marji from Persepolis who was ditching school to hang out with her friends and get some coffee when she was actually supposed to be studying religion. Other teenagers have parents tell them they are not allowed to date but they do so...
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