Persuasive Essay on How to Improve the Economy.

Topics: Death Penalty, Legal drinking age, Murder Pages: 5 (2180 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Taylor ******
Mrs. *****
Honors English 10, Period 4
16 November 2012
Houston, we have a Solution

If you look around, you can see a few things running rampant in the US. You may see a house being foreclosed because the dollar is not what it used to be. You may see a drug dealer sell to a child. You may see an assault rifle come out in a theatre with nobody to deal with the problem. A woman being forced into servitude, or a man forced to fight for what he doesn’t believe in. You see a political civil war between fellow Americans, a social gridlock between fellow Americans, and you see a ruthless economy threatening the very existence of the American dream to be accomplished by fellow Americans. You see new issues coming up constantly, you see the media enraging the common public, and you see old issues being engraved into the society. You may see issues, but I see a way to fix some of those issues. Legalizing certain drugs, incorporating capital punishment more, cutting taxes to all classes, expanding the capital punishment to include more crimes to qualify, and lowering the legal age to drink and purchase alcohol.

First the economy.
Before I give you facts, reasons, and evidence to support my claims towards the extremely complicated process to fix something this radical, let me give you my claims. Starting with maybe the easiest step, the government should lower taxes to all classes throughout our society. Now before you go all “how does that fix anything with the government getting less money” on me, think about this. You lower taxes to the point to where people can afford to do more things; the art of the consumer starts to boot up. People buy more things like toys, all the way to bigger houses, bringing in a whole new way to generate revenue with other taxes.

Next up, the legalization of illegal drugs should be passed, and taxed. Heavily. Ok maybe not ALL drugs, because the synthetic drugs can cause some serious problems. Organic drugs though, marijuana and such, can bring in a whole new card to the table in the sense of making the government money. If the federal government found a way to legalize organic drugs, I’ll use marijuana for example, tax it, and undermine illegal marijuana sales, the money being brought in would be ASTRONOMICAL! Why am I sure of this? Because people love it.

Now another way to fix the economy is to deal with crime a certain way. Again, I’ll get to my facts after I state my claims. To house an inmate costs money, quite a bit of it actually. Even more so, the inmates that are not supposed to be there. I’m not talking about the innocents; I’m thinking the death row inmates. They have been proven guilty of a capital crime, so why do we keep them going? You got the death penalty, but here’s the catch… we are going to wait sixty years to maybe kill you, sound cool? See what I mean, it costs THOUSANDS to house ONE inmate per YEAR!

Certain crimes don’t get the punishment they deserve, and those proven guilty, cost money. I’m going to focus on human trafficking, particularly with women. These are the people we do not ever want to be on the streets, yet many don’t get death. These people not only waste money for their care, but for drugs, weapons, and means of doing business. These people are a plague to our economy, and killing them when convicted, would not only save some money, but possibly even people. You may call me sick, weird, cruel, and some other more colorful terms as I say that the death penalty isn’t enforced enough, but when I explain why I think this way, you may think twice…

I’m going to go in the same order, starting with lowering taxes. According to, it is said that people should be treated as equals and that taxing the rich more is like taxing success. states almost all running presidential candidates in the 2012 Presidential Election agreed on one thing, taxes need to be lowered. states that taxing the rich stops job growth,...
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