Persuasive Essay About Going to School

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Alex Brown
ENGL 112-O
Persuasion Essay
October 13, 2010
Professor Belding

Persuasion Essay

As young Americans living in the 21st century, we have many options when it comes to what we want to do after we graduate high school. Many choose to go to college and earn a degree while others choose to go straight to work or join the military. While all are very good choices for the young men and women who choose each path, some might be more rewarding than others. Earning a degree is something I think all young adults should do regardless of which path they choose; it brings much more economic security, many more job opportunities, and, in most cases, a broader understanding of the world and how it works.

One of the first major reasons for my believing this is the economic benefits of the college degree. As we all know, we have been in economic downturn for the past several years, and one study in 2008 found that this was due to a lack of college degrees, or partially at any rate.“One of the biggest developments in this year's report is the strength of the relationship between higher education and the economy,” said Dewayne Matthews, Lumina's vice president for policy and strategy. “People are beginning to understand that job growth is a structural issue, and that higher education is the key to economic growth.” (UPI Top New, 2010) As you can tell, there is a correlation between what our economy does and the education that we, as Americans, receive after we leave high school and start to enter the real world. It is saying that the American economy cannot survive with employees that have limited knowledge and education. This is not to say that those who do not go to college do not contribute to society however there is an extremely important need for an educated populous to pull us out of this economic deficit. The opportunities for person to find a well paying job are exponentially increased upon receiving a degree from an...
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