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Topics: Mother, Family, Parent Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: November 14, 2011
a higher income than the husband, and the income is enough to support their family. Many women are eager to either go back to work or to start work, and the only way they can work is if the husband will stay at home with the children. Today, childcare is so expensive. Parents who work for a minimum paying job might as well stay at home because if the parent pays for childcare then the parent is only working to pay the sitter. So the parent who has the lower income should stay at home, even if is the dads. The majority of mothers have a degree or a higher education than the fathers because mothers have had the opportunity to go back to school while caring for their children. Today’s mothers are making sufficient funds to manage their homes with just their income. The third reason is so men can see and value the hard work that a housewife does. Women are always taken for granted when women say they are housewives. People don’t see the hard work that is put into keeping a happy home in order. Usually, husbands don’t value what they have at home until it is gone. If the men stayed at home instead of women, men could see for themselves what they really have at home is worth fighting for; the work of a mother would be valued. Being a stay at home parent is a fulltime job, and this job can be extremely hard at times depending on how busy a parent’s life is with all the extracurricular activities that a child has. Mother’s have a lot on their plates, as father’s do when the roles are reversed. Moreover, men are being discouraged in being stay at home dads because men aren’t likely to be accepted as stay at home fathers. When a father takes his child or children out to the park other mothers immediately assume the father is helpless with children. Mothers will go and give these fathers advice on anything and everything even if the father hasn’t asked for anything. There are even other fathers, who are old fashion, diminish househusband. People are so quick to criticize...
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