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Topics: Nutrition, McDonald's, Fast food restaurant Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Antulov, Matia
English 102 – Analysis and Argument
Neeraj Prakash
March 26, 2012
Education Not Regulation
During the past decade there has been an increasing amount of criticism on fast food. Movies like Supersize Me have portrayed fast food as the culprit to the overwhelming amount of people who have become obese. Many health advocates are convinced that increased government regulation of the fast food industry will aid in reducing obesity levels. Yet, while there are those that want to implement restrictions on fast food, I think it would be harmful because the industry provides an effective service of supplying meals on the go for a reasonable price; saving money and time is very valued in today’s society. Fast food chains self regulate and have been responding to consumer demand for more nutritious options while changing their menu appropriately, it is the customers personal responsibility to maintain their health, and the costs of regulation would subtract from the benefits that fast food chains supply. Taking into account these reasons I think that the negative impact of restrictions far outweighs the positive benefits. The first reason why restrictions in the fast food industry would not be beneficial is because the industry responds to criticisms and self regulates accordingly. Self-regulation addresses issues quickly to reduce or eliminate the need for government regulation. By publishing nutritional information, offering healthy alternatives, and using healthier ingredients, fast food chains have shown that they don’t need restrictions to meet consumer demand. The Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI) is just one example of fast food chains reacting to customer’s feedback and solving the issues without any government involvement. In this case, the issue at hand was the concern about the amount of advertising for unhealthy food that has been directed at children. Since the programs birth in 2006 it has grown to 17 members...
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