Persuasive and Informative Speechesi

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Persuasive and Informative Speech Differences and Similarities
When giving a speech, or just a conversation, there is a difference between the two. Both types of speech should be supported with the proper information; the information is used in different ways. When speaking to inform, the purpose is try and teach something to the audience. If the audience learns what you wanted to teach them, then you were successful. You need to explain why the information is valuable and useful. Also important, you want to make sure they understand and retain the essential information. Some examples of informative speech are a teacher telling students about Hurricanes. Someone telling his audience of a town he grew up in. A tour guide telling people about Mount Rushmore. Informative focuses on educating someone about a process, or the way something works and how it developed. For example, how is a glass bottle made? , or how does express mail work? When speaking to persuade, your intent is to influence a person, their attitudes, and even change their beliefs. If the persuasive argument makes sense, it can persuade the listener to go further, and possibly make changes to their own beliefs. Persuasive isn’t necessarily intended to deliver thorough or even complete information, but to make a convincing argument through the use of information. Persuasive speech helps people make a decision. For example, it could be to change their thinking, or the way they perform things. The speech is successful if the audience is willing to make the changes you suggested. Some examples of persuasive speech are a jury being convinced or trying to be convinced by a lawyer. A student trying to get a friend to lend him money for books. An example of a famous speech that is both persuasive and informative, on top of being highly inspirational would be the Martin Luther King speech, “I Have a Dream” (Rhetoric,2001). A great speech by this...
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