Perspectives Paper

Topics: Behaviorism, Psychology, Experimental analysis of behavior Pages: 5 (1556 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Perspectives Paper

February 04, 2013
Cassandra Robinson

Perspectives Paper
John B. Watson, B. F. Skinner and Edward C. Tolman, were all great philosophers who all shared great interest and had great significance in psychology. All three philosophers had their own objective view, but were all passionate on exploring various aspects in theory. Edward C. Tolman and B. F. Skinner had similar studies in Behaviorism. They both had different concepts of theories in behaviorism. These philosophers studies helped convinced that behavior holds a stronger scientific argument due to a proven thesis on each other’s findings. Edward Tolman and B F Skinner were both behaviorist. Unlike B F Skinner’s theory Tolman was intrigued by introspection. Introspection is based on a psychological perspective. Introspection can be determined data collected on individual behavior and memory recall. The way person process information from a personal experience. John B Watson perspective had an opposing view from Edward Tolman. Watson had interest himself with a behavioral observation. He argues that on a psycholoanalyic view introspection is basically worthless intrest in behaviorism. Behaviorism is reacted from an emotional condition that is proven. Introspection is not scientically proven evidence, because not everyone reacts or thinks the same. Its broad responses generated all aspects. Edward Tolman theory was quite similar to the infamous, Sigmund Frued. Watson theory was based on human observation which was commonly conditioned by emotion. John B Watson interest in his observation and helped with the recognizing of the result for mental illnesses. Edward C Tolman theory was influenced by a basis of environmental stimuli response. He believe that in human their essential nervous system has a chemical that can be triggered by a response and a condition. Tolman studied in animal systical studies as well. His therophy ws inspriered by behaviorism. Many other philosiphers, did not think Tolman’s thesis was strongly valid, because his theory was influenced by introspection in which this theory had too many broad responses. Edward Tolman did not believe in reinforcement on his studies. B F Skinner theory was based on a rather closed in observation. He wanted to physically observe how the human mind process. Skinner’s discovery of what was called Operant Conditioning Chamber. This was better known as the Skinner Box. B F Skinner theory was viewed on a heighten speculation in which was given high reviews. Both B F Skinner and Edward C Tolman theory were based on behaviorism. B F Skinner followed the work of John B Watson, whereas Edward Tolman opposes Watson’s view. John Broadus Watson, was born in 1878, in Greenville, South Carolina. Growing up with a father who was far from a great role model to a openly religios mother. John Watsons father was a farmer and had violent ways. He was known as a acholoc, and an adulterer. Watson mother wanted him to follow the path on ministry. Watson behavior as an adolescent, had chose a different path for him. John B Watson came from a very unhealthy background. He was a troubled teen who was arrested twice. Eventually, Watson straighten up and entered the Furman University at the age of sixteen. John Watson started to find himself and his purpose while attending school, in 1900; he graduated from Furman University receiving a master’s degree. Like Edward C Tolman, John B Watson was also influenced by his professors at his university. Watson interests in psychology heighten when he was accepted to the University of Chicago. Surprisely, Watson was intended to take philosophy and psychology for his courses, but he was not interested, his interested was with comparative psychology. His childhood reflected his presence and his interested for animals reflected his curiosity passionately. When John B Watson was studying at the University of Chicago, he was introduced...
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