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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Melissa Terreault
English 12, Period 1
25, September 2012
Personal Statement
As I look back over my high school experience, it is with mixed emotions because I have a few friends from ROTC. I make friends easily I really enjoy making new friends or taking personal risks. The one experience that stands out the most is my in Color Guard. It was during my freshman and sophomore years that I remember of the ROTC Golden Bear competition was part of the saber team that competed against over twenty-five schools from all over Southern California area. It was a grueling event and we defeated all but one school to take second place overall; a tremendous accomplishment for our team. Despite the fact that this took place in my first two years, I consider it to be the highlight of my school experience.

When we first took the stage at the competition, I looked out to the audience and saw my parent’s faces and how proud they were of me. At that moment, I couldn’t concentrate on the objects around me, the next thing I knew I had fallen off the stage. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. My face was bright red, it turned out I wasn’t the only one it had also happened to other students. As I got up my team members said not to worry. Everyone here has been humiliated in some way during their lives. On the bus ride home we all laughed about my fall. Not only did they catch it on video they also put it on Facebook.

My time on the saber team left me with a profound desire to be part of the military. I loved all of the precision teamwork, practice, risk, and the friends I met through my journey. I think this is one of the best experiences that have happened to me in high school. Spending extra time after school practicing was great lesson in discipline. By its very name the precision drill team required that everyone not only be precise but that we work together to be exactly in sync. When you`re part of a team you learn how to get other...
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