Personal Statement

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Ivan Gonzalez


English 4:3

4 October , 2011

Personal Statement

The obstacles in my life have shaped and influenced my goals for my future. Due to the struggles I have surpassed in my life. I have set high goals that one day I will accomplish. I am proud to say that my parents have influenced my high ideals. Being a child of two immigrant parents whom once had nothing, has really motivated me to stay committed and determined . I as well as other first generation students who are planning on attending college need to be aware that we need overcome a big obstacle which is ahead of us.

College is a important topic brought up among ourselves and our family because of the high expectations that have been set. I need to accomplish whatever is required to reach my full potential. I will be the second of three children in my family to attend a four-year college, having followed my sister’s footsteps. I can relate to my parents as they first arrived to this country and my arrival to the real world. I look at my parents as role models because if they were able to go from nothing to something, so can I. This has motivated me to stay positive and committed to further my studies beyond a high school diploma.

Something that has sparkled my interest in my choosen career is the success our country has had in the business world. I feel that being highly involved in sports it has allowed me to exercise my social skills, which are required in the business world. Being part of a team has taught me how to collaborate with others and gather ideas as well as information to deliberate. My interest in the business field comes from my urge to contribute to our country’s economic world. Business to me is something that occurs everyday, whether it be in a restaurant, at a store, or bank.
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