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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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The enthusiasm towards the study of the complexity of the human body and how to cure them from disease was triggered when I experienced myself being seriously injured several times since I was a kid. Being involved in fights like a boy since primary school, spending almost an hour laying down on the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine and getting my upper lips penetrated by my own upper teeth during Tae Kwon Do training a year ago, I am quite immune to the hospital aroma and witnessing doctors saving lives. Since the pain I experienced from the accidents is completely unbearable, I would eagerly want to contribute my effort in reducing or completely stop the pain from hunting people’s lives by involving myself in ever-challenging career that is Medicine. Besides, growing up with blessed natural intelligence by getting straight A’s in primary and secondary schools, my madness and fascination towards biology never meet an end, driving me to permanently see myself as a successful doctor in the future. To enhance my experience and understanding, I stepped myself into the hospital area as a medical student doing hospital attachment for four days where I observed and practiced the true life of being a doctor. Those four days really gave inspirations as it taught me the complication in handling terminally ill patients from different kind of backgrounds. The pressure from workloads and many distractions never cut down my desire to further in medicine. Hospitality and generosity become my true friends as they grew up with me. A humanitarian based project I joined for a week in Cambodia in June 2012 helped me to be aware of the importance of holding up maximum level of responsibility, sincerity and determination in helping the unfortunates continuously without being affected by internal and external obstacles. These experiences which aid polishing my common senses and skills might be useful in satisfying my starvation to become a doctor. Activating myself in...
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