Personal Statement

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Personal Statement Template

The main aim is to convey your enthusiasm and commitment regarding your chosen subject.

Paragraph One – Course Choice 40% Why that degree? Why have you decided to apply for this particular degree programme? Link your subject choice with examples of personal experiences that triggered or reinforced your interest but don’t fall into the familiar trap of beginning with ‘ever since I was a child’

What interests you about it? Be specific and personal about your particular attraction to the subject(s). Give examples of topics, issues, personal research, reading outside the A level specification, practical work, projects, coursework or fieldwork.

Career Plans. What career / skills / plans have you when you have the degree of your choice?

Paragraph two – School Experience (academic) 35% What have you enjoyed in Post 16 study? Include skills you have gained and personal progression and development. What interests you about your current A levels and how can this be applied to the degree – don’t forget to include wider reading or experience beyond the syllabus.

Wider academic experiences / schemes. What activities and events have you attended and been involved with?

Paragraph Three – wider experiences 25% What else have you done? Include areas of your life that demonstrate skills and development. Include subjects studied outside the curriculum, positions of responsibility, other achievements e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, charity work and any gap year plans.

Work experience. Show any responsibilities you have gained and transferable skills you can demonstrate within the work experience you have gained Medicine courses; minimum 2 discrete work experience placements Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Veterinary science, Teaching will all expect related work...
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