Personal Sales Tactics

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer service Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Personal sales is executed with a combination and deep understating of the marketing approach, persuasion techniques and utilizing emotional intelligence to match specific needs of the product-customer relationship. Building a service based product such as most in the hospitality sector, personal sales happens along every step from a guest booking a reservation to the check out ensuring in quality relationship. By the use of sales management with organized structure and personal selling with the interaction with the customer allows sales to flow through a firm and empowering its employees. Using the five steps of selling is vital in creating satisfied customers; introduction, qualify, respond, close, and service. By introducing the client and beginning a relationship is started with finding common ground, building trust will lead to qualifying the account. Sales personnel must find what the client needs by asking open and closed ended questions and then respond to the client at times offering suggestions or negotiating (win-win). Once all aspects of the potential contract is discussed the salesperson must ask for the business, and communicate a sense of urgency to the client. Finally all staff from every involved department must execute and service the account as it was earlier contracted. Personal selling and the five steps is continued to be used when in direct contact with customer to continue to sell the product or service even after product expiration. Sales flows from the marketing segment and operations of the hospitality firm deliver the product as promised to customer. Marketing which familiarizes the customer with the product, while sales communicates and closes the customer’s account. Sales and marketing uses various types of support to share and communicate the product to potential customers by using mail services and other advertising avenues to make the public more educated on the product. In sales the use of persuasion which is externally focused...
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