Personal Responsibility vs Corporate Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility vs Corporate Responsibility

The question has been asked before and I believe it will continue to be asked for many years to come…what is the difference between personal responsibility and corporate responsibility? According to business dictionary personal responsibility is The obligation of an organization's management towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates. A company by the name of Symantec, defines corporate responsibility as the way in which we operate with full attention to and respect for ethics, the environment, and a commitment to positive social impact. There are moments where it’s hard to distinguish. It doesn’t seem like there is a clear line distinguishing the differences…at least to some. It’s our responsibility to make the best decisions possible for ourselves. Nobody is going to know what’s best for us than ourselves. In the movie Supersize me it goes to prove that the food industry is not going to make the decisions that are in our best interest. McDonalds in my eyes is one of those companies that is seems to be more interested in the profit being made by selling big macs than helping the “fat kid” become healthier so he can stop getting bullied by other children. I don’t believe it’s the industries responsibility to educate us about what we choose to eat. That’s our individual responsibility. We need to educate ourselves and decide what type of lifestyle we want to live. I believe part of the issue is the fact that our society can’t always take responsibility for their actions. Of course if you eat fast food 3 times a day you’re going to get fat and sick. Most people know that…or at least reasonable people. The daily recommended caloric intake is 2,000 calories. Let’s take a closer look…let’s say you order a double cheese burger 440 calories, medium fries 380 calories, oh and let’s not forget your medium coke at...
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