Personal Profile, Academic Performance and Work Performance

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Philippines are one of the countries which are producing large number of nursing graduates. Not only nursing graduates but also registered nurses, Nurses hold the majority of positions in most health care settings, and replacement of licensed personnel is costly and time consuming. A Filipino nurses have been known to be among the most caring nurses in the world. The skills, Values, Interest, Personality Traits and styles, Knowledge, educational and training Experience, and goals or simply we called the personal profile, and also the Academic and work performance of a nurses has a great affect which lead to the highly industrialized countries salute the nurses we produce. Good work performance of nurse can improve quality of health services. Many nurses and nursing students have a desire to work overseas where the salary is better and they feel compensated for their hard work.

The purposes of this study are to examine differences in work performance among professional groups including nurses, allied hospital professionals, and to identify specific characteristics of job satisfaction of nurses.



The study aimed to determine the personal profile, Academic and work performance among nursing graduate of UPH-DJGTMU. Minor Problem :
Specifically, the study seeks to determine the following question. 1. What is the personal profile of nursing graduate onto? 1.1 Highest educational attainment
1.2 Year Graduated
1.3 Present Position
1.4 Length of work experience
1.4.1 Related to nursing
1.4.2 Not Related to Nursing. Specify ______
2. What is the academic performance of nursing graduate?
3. What is the work performance of the nursing graduate as evaluated by their immediate supervisor?...
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