Personal Perception of Organizedcrime

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  • Published : January 27, 2009
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Personal Perception of Organized Crime

Organized crime has been viewed as activities that are related to violence, drugs, prostitution other illegal activities that are intertwined with corruption that can at times involve participation of political and criminal justice parties. It is usually structured in a hierarchical format carrying the head boss on top and his captains, lieutenants and soldiers at the bottom. Organized crimes eventually become like a family setting whose family members are privately selected based on a host of different references. Ethnicity, religion, willingness to listen and follow orders, personal family history and even qualifications based on criminal and monetary influences, are but a few of the references that the members should offer.

Organized crimes are not solely governed by the Italian Mob, they are also connected to other groups like Fuk Ching (Chinese mobsters) the Russian Mafia and a host of other Asian and different ethnic associated groups. The difference between these organizations and some regular crime groups is that the organized crime groups can obtain a wide range of illegal racketeering, money, connections local and international, and simply put, "fear". Due to their street recognition organized- criminals can attain more leeway due to the fear that they inflict on others and because their reputations are worldly recognized for being some of the most smooth talking criminals and assassins. They portray to be people who are to be feared and respected, if not harm can come to those who oppose them and their views. Anything that can bring about money to gain even more power is their ticket. The organized crime associates also have their own spoken rules and regulations, which they are to abide by in order to survive, more so than the set rules that govern our own societies.

According to the readings the definitions of organized crime (OC) compared to my

definitions were not far off. They consisted...
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