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Practice Approach and Case Study Integration Paper

Practice Approach and Case Study Integration Paper
Wanda Brown
SOCW 486
Instructor: Elaine Herbert
January 14, 2013

In this paper we will look and review the case study on Helen. We will look at a brief overview of this case; then, we will examine the assessment models used, identify culturally approaches, different immediate approaches, look at the biases held by the social worker in this particular situation, and finally reflect on the learning gained through this social work experience.

Client Overview
Helen is a 54 year old single Aboriginal female; Helen lives in subsidized housing in Kamloops. She works full time as a receptionist for a Friendship Centre. At the moment Helen has custody of her 4 year old granddaughter Marcy. Helens’ 24 year old daughter Sophia and her boyfriend have been doing a lot of drinking so Ministry stepped in and apprehended Marcy and it doesn’t look like MCFD will be giving Marcy back any time soon. Helen has lived in Kamloops pretty well all her life; she has no immediate family members nearby to ask for help. Her home town is on the out skirts of Kamloops Shuswap reserve which she does not visit all that often because of the bad memories from her childhood. Helens parents’ are still alive and are both residential school survivors. Helen has never had good relationship with either her parents because of the childhood trauma that she and her siblings suffered from their parents. Helen and her siblings are survivors of sexual abuse from relatives that have passed away. Because of this it has made it difficult for Helen to ask for help when needed, Helen has been an independent woman all her life. Helen has taken the step to ask for help where her granddaughter Marcy is concerned, Helen has explained that Marcy has been doing a lot of crying. This is starting to affect Helen emotionally and financially because Helen has had to take time off work to pick Marcy up from daycare, because the Daycare workers couldn’t get Marcy to stop crying. Now Helen is feeling the pressure because she loves her granddaughter she doesn’t want to give her up or she will end up in the system.

Client Assessment
Helen and social worker concentrate on getting help for Marcy, the Urban Aboriginal Kamloops Friendship Centre offers programs that can help Marcy through tough time adjusting to living without her mother. Marcy’s age might make it difficult because she is so young remember she is only 4 years old, at this age it is hard for children to comprehend that what Marcy’s mom Sophia is doing is not right. All Marcy wants is her mother and she expresses this by crying all the time. Also the other concern that was met right away was both their safety so there was a safety plan put in place immediately concerns that Sophia might try take Marcy. Helen and Marcy went over the safety plan until little Marcy had the understanding about their emergency escape plan. Also there are couple of options to help Marcy out one there is Early Childhood program in the Urban Aboriginal Kamloops Friendship Centre that can be very beneficial for Marcy. In order to be more understanding and be healthy Helen also seeks help for herself because of the stress that she has been feeling emotionally and financially. Helen knows that she does not want her grand-daughter to end up in the system; and that she cannot do it on her own. Helen has never had to rely on anyone before that’s she has been independent all her life, she wants to be there for her granddaughter. Helen’s stress level she is currently feeling with her grand-daughter’s predicament, so we use the Burns Depression List (BDL) theory is to determine level of depression. Helen BDL indicated that Helen was at the stage of mild depression. So Helen and social worker talked about options, the could start the process to set up counseling sessions as soon as possible, with Family Preserve...
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