Personal Identifiable Information

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Personal Identifiable Information
PII And Ethics Research Paper

PII is an abbreviation that stands for Personal Identifiable Information as used in information security. This is information that can be used to identify, contact or locate a single person. Ethics are the standards set in place in order to distinguish right from wrong. As important as PII is in the modern information technology, it has its advantage, disadvantage and ethical issues. PII comes in handy in modern technology. The most commonly used information to identify individuals are ID and drivers numbers, social security numbers, vehicles registration number, date of birth, biometrics, facial recognition to name a few. If PII did not exist, it would be incredibly hard to narrow down and individual since many people share names. There are some advantages that tie in with PII when it comes to the purpose of distinguishing individual identity. Big corporations find PII important identifying their employees. For example most companies have employee ID which is unique from one employee to another. Government officials need to use PII to search and identify and distinguish individuals in their large data base. For example, all legal US residences have a social security number that identifies an individual. In forensic, PII is important to help track down and identify criminals. This identity can be obtained through facial recognition and finger prints resulting in a selective revelation of one’s identity. Finger prints are unique with each individual. As there are advantages to PII, there are disadvantages as well. Almost everyone is technologically savvy and tend to use the internet for their everyday life. For example, it is very convenient to shop, bank online, study, access medical records search and apply for jobs in order to have access to all this different sites, one has to give out personal information details on the...
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