Personal Hero Essay

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Personal Hero Essay

What is a hero? Is someone famous, someone that we love, a family member or a peer, or just someone who saved our life? The word “hero” has a special meaning for me: a hero is a person who influenced me through his behaviors, actions, and helps; one who did something to change my point of view in a good way; somebody who would remain in my heart no matter how hard life is going on. My hero is neither Batman nor Super-man. He is the guy who changed my entire prospective about life ——my best friend Gianni (Jack). Having a pair of big eyes, a tiny mouth, dark skin, and skinny body, Gianni was my perfect opposite copy in physic characteristics. We both share the same interests and hobbies, even our favorite kind of movies, music, and foods are the same. Gianni is my closest friend, and I could love him more than my brother. When I had some problems, he would always be there to help me, even if I was in extremely difficult situations. While I was feeling sad, he knew just how to comfort me and cheer me up. He was the only person that I could talk to about anything, the one I didn’t have to worry about him judging me or telling anyone else. The security of having someone to turn to in every single circumstance is an important feeling. A best friend is an important person in everyone’s life which we can feel secure to be with. Gianni is my hero not only because he is my best friends, but he also taught the quiddity of being a friend and the importance to help other people in difficulty. A hero should be someone that others can look up to. Gianni’s personality is the exact example I’m following still today. Though Gianni suffered from several critic situations in his life, as the continuous moving from country to country caused by his parents’ job, the bad relationship between him and his family, and all the change of environment and people he had to go through, he never lost hope in himself. Whatever at work or at study, he always aimed to the...
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